For many childless women, we are the offspring of a first generation of mothers that believed there was more to our lives than having children.  We were left to believe that having a womb was an option to access motherhood at anytime.  Blissfully ignorant, while pursuing all the opportunities available to us in life, infertility and circumstance didn’t exist in our vision for the future.

While many roads led us to involuntary childlessness, there is one road that can be changed for future mothers.   From working with a number of women through their experience of involuntary childlessness – here’s what they want mothers of daughters to know:

  • Motherhood is an important and valued life choice to consider in “when I grow up” conversations.
  • The teenage years. Change the ‘don’t get pregnant’ and ‘focus on your career’ conversation to include the realities of pursuing motherhood.
  • Encourage fertility checks in their 20s.
  • Support egg harvesting if without a partner at 30.
  • IVF has a 40% success rate in late 30s and 8% success rate in early 40s.